Art Journal Page with Reverse Stenciling

Hey, it’s Isa! Today, I want to share a cool technique I’ve been playing with – reverse stenciling to create unique patterns on background papers.

So, I start with a simple piece of copy paper. I lay it over a stencil and then grab an old credit card loaded with paint. With a smooth scrape, I transfer the stencil’s design onto the paper. This initial imprint is like a blank canvas waiting to come alive. And you know what’s fun? Layering different colors, like adding a touch of gold on top of red. It gives the paper this mesmerizing, shimmery effect!

As I keep going, I end up with a stack of these beautifully imprinted papers. Honestly, I usually make more than I need because the process is just so darn enjoyable!

Now, let’s talk about what to do with these fantastic backgrounds in your journal. I tear up three pieces of these painted papers and glue them onto my page. To add some texture and depth, I randomly stamp here and there using Art Defined. Plus, I use the Weed Love stamp set to give it a bit of that natural, botanical vibe.

I’ve got a collection of embossed images ready to go, so I pick a few and fussy cut them. These serve as focal points or embellishments for my journal. I like to play with contrasts, so I added a bold note using Pencil Marks 3 at the border of my page and echoed it with leafy details at the top.

Time for some sentiments! I stamp them onto mixed media paper using the Journal Words set. To make them really pop on the background, I distressed the edges with archival ink.

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed exploring this reverse stenciling technique with me. It’s a creative journey that never gets old!

Be bold and shine


Stamps and Stencils I used:

Small Ink Dots
Scribbles 1
Big Circles

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