This is Me – Art Journal Page Idea

Hello arty friends, happy Christmas to you all, I hope you are having a relaxing time. Today I am sharing a lovely inspiration for your art journal using a bunch of our fabulous stencils!

I decided not to do a Christmas page, but something looking forward to the new year, hope you like it.

I started by sketching a rough circle on my page using Stabilo Woody pencils. I used my go-to colours (pink/orange/magenta and a little bit of teal & light green), then smudged this with a water brush. I also added a little bit of black.

I went on to using acrylic paints in the same colours, creating a bit of a background with the blue and green. (Sorry about the picture quality, we’ve had nothing but grey skies and rain in what feels like forever).

I stamped my focal image inside the circle and used the acrylic paints to add some stencilling over the background colours and once this had dried I added more colour patches with a brush – I always work from the edges and add in a little bit of white which helps the colours blend in better.

I also added a little bit of background stamping with a word stamp, as well as a quote from the “This is me” set.

I used my fingers as well as pen lids, old credit cards etc to add mark making, black splatter and black smears of colour around the edges, which helps frame the page. This also creates areas for further mark making with pens (I like Posca pens). Make sure the acrylic paint is absolutely dry before doodling, otherwise you’ll ruin your pens! The pen doodling is probably my favourite part, as I find it very relaxing.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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