ATCs for sharing with Grungy Butterflies

Hello & Welcome to another inspiring day!!! I’m Priss (@artful.layers), and I’m happy to be here today to share some beautiful mixed media ATCs with you. These mini art pieces were created with love and care, and I can’t wait to show them off to you for inspiration. Not only did I put my heart and soul into them, but I also made them specifically for exchanging at the ‘Scrap, Crea y Decora’ fair last weekend here in Madrid. Please join me on this artistic journey as we explore the world of mixed media ATCs together!

ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) are small works of art that are created on a substrate the size of a sports card and traded between artists. Its size must be 3.5 by 2.5 inches, and the strictest rules do not allow anything to protrude from that size. They are created in sets of at least two cards and cannot be sold.

ATCs provide an ideal format for artists to showcase their work and share their creativity with other artists, which also allows for wonderful networking and fosters a sense of belonging to a community. Don’t you think it’s wonderful? It sure is! It seems to me an excellent format, attractive and fun in equal parts.

Now I want to show you some photos that I have taken during the process of creating my cards so that you can see the background in all its splendor and detail each of the elements that I have used to create them.

For the backgrounds, I started by layering one of my blue and pink painted papers on white cardstock. To add depth and dimension, I incorporated additional colors using a light yellow gelato, applying it selectively here and there. Then I introduced the beautiful Mándalas stamps, stamping the largest one with black permanent ink and the smallest one with distress oxide blue ink. The addition of random black letters improved the design quite a bit. I also added some texture with a background stencil and the same blue ink as the mandalas.

To create a more eye-catching background, I used acrylic markers to color the mandalas a bit. Also, I incorporated some sewing details by sewing a frame with black thread and experimenting with different stitches. This not only added texture but also brought a unique element to the overall composition.

I prepared several elements for the final composition, including circles and stars from the Grungy Stuff set. These elements were stamped using blue, yellow, and pink Distress Oxide inks, providing the perfect accompaniment to the focal points of each ATC. The exquisite butterflies of the Grungy Butterflies set as protagonists, stamped on a book page with white embossing powder and painted with a mixture of black and pink pigments, sprayed and activated with water. To complete the artistic ATCs, I stamped texts from the Mix a Sentiment 1 set, adding meaningful messages to each piece.

By combining these lovingly selected elements, my intention was to create a visually attractive and joyful composition. The mix of colors, textures, and positive texts invites us to delve into the details and appreciate the beauty of layers in mixed media art.

Share your experiences, tips, or even your own creations with the Rubber Dance products in our Facebook Group. Let’s inspire and uplift each other in our artistic journeys!

Until next time, happy creating time!

Hugs, Priss

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These are the stamps I used

Grungy Butterflies
Mix it Up 2
Mix It Up 1
Mix a Sentiment 1
Grungy Stuff

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