ATC’S with Powder Pigments – Tutorial

Hello creative friends, Grace @coquitocraftlover here again to leave my last work with the beautiful @rubberdance stamps.

Today I am going to show you how to make ATC’c with powdered pigments using the seals as the main decorative element in the background of these ATC’s.

To make these ATC’s you need a mixedmedia paper, pigments, Rubberdance stamps and markers.

We are going to stamp a pattern of stamps (I used 2 stamps) you can use as many as you like. We then move on to filling in the space outside the stamped stamp with pigments.
To achieve this background you need to use the pigments with a lot of water so that they mix and leave these spots as you use the different colors that you want to put on.

To make colorful backgrounds at least use 4 colors to make it very cheerful.

For the birds I used gel and watercolor markers and I have also stamped the letters to use them as decoration in the ATC’s
We cut the painted sheet in the measurements of an ATC regardless of whether we cut any stamped stamp, this effect of cut images will look very cool when cutting them.

The result is very funny and there were some colorful ATC’s with a beautiful background full of color.

I used stickers for the my sentiments, but you can create similar word combos with our new Mix A Sentiment 2023 stamps

I hope you liked the final result and you are encouraged to make these fun backgrounds using your rubberdance stamps.

A big kiss, and see you in the next BLOGPOST.


Here is the list of stamps I used:

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