Mixed Media Card with Ink Dots Stencil and Vintage Stuff

The intuitive month continues!

Today, I had the Vintage Stuff stamp and the Ink Dots stencil by my side. You won’t believe how immersed I was in creating the card that I forgot to turn the video back on at one point. Actually, only the part where I stenciled the stencil pattern in the background with black Archival ink was missing from the recording. I put “only” in quotation marks because this step was exactly what gave the final atmosphere to my background. :)))

If you thought that was the only mishap, you are mistaken. When I tried to attach the Vintage Stuff floral stamp to the card, the old book page simply tore apart from the glue. Not just once. Exactly twice, so I had to piece it back together from three parts. :)))
But that’s the beauty of intuitive crafting; the mistakes make the finished piece even more lovable.
Here’s how I made it:

I hope you still got the urge to create today!



I used these Rubber Dance products:

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