Multi-shaped cards

Hello Craftlovers 🌈here again Grace @coquitocraftlover to share with you my crazy things when creating with the beautiful Rubberdance products. Today I’m going to show you some funny mulit-shaped colorful greeting cards with a mixed media style and stamps from Carved Collection 5 and Grungy Butterflies! It’s a little crazy but I had a lot of fun doing it. I will show you how to make these shape cards to give to your creative friends.

Since I like to use so many pigments and acrylic paints, I don’t like to waste paint, that’s why I always have these watercolor paper blocks on hand to paint them.

Today we are going to work with these papers that I have been creating with leftover paints and pigments.

We are going to use one of them to stamp our focal point and another to make some ATC’S.The crazier the paper, the better your card will look.

We print the shapes you want and cut out and then pay at the ATC’S that I decorate in my case with another nice stencil

Then we created a larger shape to stick the ATC’S, in this case I used my favorite Rubberdance stencil Big Circles.

Then decorate to your liking with phrases and accessories.

I hope you like the idea and are encouraged to try it, remember to join our Facebook group where we share more inspiration.

a colorful kiss


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