Flower Power Greeting Card with Stencil Background

Hi Craftlovers,
Here another week Grace @coquitocraftlover to share fun and creativity.

Today I show you this fun card that I made experimenting with textures and colors, I hope you like it.

First I made a background of acrylic paint and then I stamped the stencil with a colored texture paste (I loved the color contrast). It is very easy but with this stencil you create very creative backgrounds just by using it.

I like to make the most of my materials, so I took another mixmedia paper and stamped the remains of the texture paste on the stencil, this will serve as a base for our decorative elements for the card, providing more texture and movement to the project.

To finish this easy but fun card we stamped our stamps, in this case I used these pretty flowers, which I finished decorating with gel markers (lately I’m a big fan of these pencils).

I like that the stamps look a little crazy when painted, they give a lot of joy and are super fun.

And this is how this fun card turns out, very easy to make but with a lot of fun included.

Remember that imagination is the limit and our stamps and stencils are endless opportunities to create.
I say goodbye and see you next time, I hope you are encouraged to create these ideas that we share with you and remember that you can upload your inspiration to our Facebook group: Rubber Dance Stamping Lounge.

Kiss Grace.

Pd: The sentence goes something like ” I like paint stain”.

For this project I used:

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