Greeting Cards with Watercolor and Pencil Marks 3

Hey, Isa here, and today I want to show you how to make some super cute and fun cards with a repeated pattern on a stamped watercolor background!

First, I’m grabbing my trusty 300gsm watercolor paper and laying down some light washes of watercolor. I chose a palette of analogous colors in yellows and pinks because I want my cards to have a happy and joyful vibe!

Next, I’m using my absolute favorite leaf stamp from the “Pencil Marks 3” set. I’m stamping with a permanent ink of the lightest color from my palette so that the outline of the stamp shapes won’t show when I fill them in later.

I’m stamping randomly all over the paper, overlapping the stamping and changing direction when I stamp.

Now it’s time to fill in the shapes of the leaves with different colors. 

For this, I’m using watercolor brush pens in the same color palette as the background. 

I’m starting with the darkest color (red violet), choosing one stamped image out of the various ones on the page, and I’m also outlining the stems. These are going to be the ones « on top of the others », as if they were in the foreground.

Then I repeat this color for 2 or 3 other stamped images to create a balanced composition.

I’m having so much fun picking different colors and filling in the leaves! 

I’m using an ochre yellow for another set of 3-4 stamped images, making sure the stems and leaves go behind the ones I painted in red violet. Last, I’m painting with a pink color (fuchsia) and a magenta for the rest ,of the stamped images, and these ones will appear as if they were in the background.

The repeated pattern is done, and now I’m going to cut the paper to get 2 card-size pieces. They look so amazing with all these gorgeous and luscious pinks and yellows!

Finally, I’m picking my favorite quotes from the “Think Again” stamp set. I always have a stash of those quotes ready to use. They’re stamped on black card stock and embossed with white embossing powder. It’s the perfect contrasting touch these cards needed!

And there you have it, folks! Some super cute and fun cards with a repeated pattern on a stamped watercolor background. 

I hope you enjoyed following along with me, and don’t forget to share your creations with you own favorite stamp on our Facebook page RubberDance Stamping Lounge or on Instagram #rubberdancestamps!

Here’s an Instagram reel to help you create the same cards.

Love and Hugs


RubberDance stamps I used:
Rubber Version

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