Stencil Background for Greeting Cards with Small Ink Dots and Textured Flowers

Let’s dive into the joy of card making with a super easy stencil technique – One Stencil, Two Ways! Join me as we create vibrant backgrounds and charming focal points using the Small Ink Dots stencil and the Textured Flowers 2022 stamp set.

For this technique, I opted for acrylic paints, aiming to layer without any smudges.  I chose three analogous colors to infuse a harmonious vibe into the project.

Starting with a blank sheet of A4 watercolor paper split into two A5 pieces, the magic begins! Placing the Small Ink Dots stencil on the left A5 sheet, I brushed over it with watered-down acrylic paint. 

Next up, the stencil dance! Flipping it face down onto the right sheet, I pressed it with a kitchen paper roll to ensure a playful transfer of the pattern. A little spray action if needed, and voila! A roll of kitchen paper helps speed up the drying party.

I repeat this for all three colors, ensuring a merry mix by moving the stencil around. The goal? Cover both sheets until they’re a canvas of color and joy!

Now, the fun part! I chose one sheet, cutting it to my desired format (10x15cm), and adding a window for a sneak peek. On another cardstock piece, I glue down a contrasting gel-printed paper from my stash, creating a delightful window surprise when the cards come together.

The second stenciled paper takes center stage! Stamping Textured Flowers 2022 becomes the star, fussy cut and glued onto the card. A little spotlight on the stem and leaves with Stabilo All activated by a damp brush adds that extra touch of depth.

And now, for the finishing touches! Adding whimsical dots with a white Posca pen and a sentiment from the Journal Words stamps ties everything together.

Ready to be inspired? Let the joy of easy card-making with this fantastic technique light up your creative spirit! 

Be Bold and Shine!


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