Christmas Cards with Alcohol Ink and Pencil Marks #5

Hey, it’s Isa, and I’m over the moon excited to share the holiday cheer with you today using the Pencil Marks 5 stamps! Get ready to dive into the joyous world of creating festive greeting cards with alcohol ink magic and a touch of stamped adhesive tape fun!

To kick things off, I threw a party of acrylic paint splatters onto a cardstock paper, turning it into a vibrant backdrop. Then, I cut out three circle shapes of different sizes to transform them into dazzling baubles.

Cue the magic tape moment! I laid down strips of adhesive tape on deli paper. With a splash of alcohol inks in analogous colors, I swirled and twirled them with a manual air compressor until every inch of the tape strips was covered.

Once those tape strips dried, I released them from the deli paper to place them on another piece of deli paper where I stamped them with the whimsical Pencil Marks #5, using the black ink dance. I first tried with Stazon ink but it didn’t work. The solvent in the Stazon ink lifted the alcohol ink off the adhesive paper. So I went on using Versafine. This is a bit tricky as this ink is a bit slower to dry, but oh, so worth it!

Now, onto the baubles! I glued down a merry mix of stamped tape stripes and cutouts from the first deli paper sheet, showcasing those alcohol ink stains. I repeated this for all three baubles!

With a dash of holiday spirit, I used double-sided adhesive tape to hang those baubles on the card background. Strings and bows, courtesy of a gold Posca pen, added that perfect touch of whimsy.

Time for the grand finale! Journal Words stamps to the rescue for a sentiment that ties the festive ensemble together.

And voila! Your holiday magic is complete. 

I hope this tutorial fills your creative spirit with joy and inspiration! 

Swipe over to the Instagram reel for a visual feast of the process. 

Be Bold and Shine,


Stamps I used:

Pencil Marks #5

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