Mixed media Art Journal page with Pencil Marks 5

Hey there, creative hearts! Isa here, bursting with excitement to share a joyful journal page tutorial featuring the fantastic Pencil Marks 5 stamp set, the Small Ink Dots stencil and a dash of leftovers from some playful previous blog posts. 

So, my trusty art journal was showing a bit of wear and tear, but fear not!  I reinforced this page with some homemade washi tape magic, inspired by Susanne’s video on her YouTube channel here.

Now, let’s dive into the background! A collage extravaganza made from the papers we created with the Small Ink Dots stencil in my previous blog post – One stencil, two ways for card making with Small Ink Dots and Textured Flowers

Time for embellishments! Shapes of stamped tracing paper, as showcased in my  Mixed Media Art Journal Page With Stamped Tracing Paper tutorial, join forces with lively paper scraps, adding layers of texture and character.

Enter the bold red gel-printed paper – a real showstopper! Stamped with Pencil Marks #5 using Stazon Ink, this creates a dazzling contrast against the greenish backdrop. I love working with 3 of a kind, and this makes no exception!

To soften the edges of the collage, a gentle touch of gesso with my finger does the trick. Darkening the base of the stems with a stamp from the Mix It Up set adds that extra pop.

And oh, that upper left corner needed a little love!  A confident line from my Stabilo All pencil, a dash of paint, and the magic touch of another stamp from the Pencil Marks #5 set – perfection!

P.S.: Did you catch the whimsical scribbles with a black gel pen? Just a fancy little touch because, hey, why not?

I hope this tutorial sets your imagination ablaze! Happy journaling!

Be Bold and Shine!


Stencil and stamps I used here (including pieces made in previous blog posts):

Mix It Up 2
Small Ink Dots

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