Mixed Media Journal Page with Sketchy Flowers and Watercolor-Like background

Hey Isa here! I’m super excited to share with you today how you can create a journal page with a watercolor-like background, giving your stamps that special depth and atmosphere you’re looking for.

I am working with images from Sketchy Flowers and Weed Love.

Let’s dive in!

The first thing you need to do is to make your background papers. Spray the gel plate with water, then add a tiny drop of 3 acrylic paint colors. Here I chose Phtalo Blue, plus Gold, but you can use any color you want, preferably in the same palette.

With your finger, spread the paint on the gel plate,  so that it mixes with the water and creates a bubbling effect on the plate. That’s what we’re after!

Now pull a first print with a watercolor or mixed media paper. You should see a watercolor-like effect, with areas not totally covered and areas with stains of paint.

If there’s too much « white » space to your liking on the paper you just printed, use it again when you spread the paint a second time on the plate.

Repeat this process as many times as you want (spoiler alert, it can become compulsive 😜!), and try different color palettes so that you create a stash of various printed papers you’ll dig in for our journal page.

Tip: also vary the type of paper you use to print: bristol, copy paper, rice paper… They’ll react very differently to the watery paint on the gel plate.

Now, decide which one of your printed papers will become the background of your journal page and glue it down with a glue stick. 

Then apply a contrasting color through a patterned stencil to create interest. Here I chose Magenta. Once the paint is dry, outline the pattern or shapes with a white pen.

Here comes the fun part: stamping!

Text is my go-to when it comes to adding texture. Here I picked « Art Defined » and stamped it loosely on the edges of the page in a triangular way. I chose to use inks that match the colors of the background.

Then I stamped the same way with the large stamp from the « Weed Love » set. It’s so delicate that it arouses curiosity every time I use it!

Next step is splattering with diluted acrylic black paint.

While waiting for the paint to dry, look for additional paper scraps you could use that will create interest on your page. I glued down a piece of black tissue paper I had painted with white marks a while ago, and I dug into my bin 😂 to get that page border with square holes and painted it in gold to repeat the shimmery look of my watercolor-like background.

Then I stamped « Sketchy Flowers 3 » on 2 of the papers I gel printed and on 1 book page. I love it when marks come by three !

I fussy cut them, glue them down and added a piece of fabric to make them look as if they were tied together.

If your stamped images are not contrasting enough against the background, you can always come with a marker and increase their value. That’s what I did on the blue « Sketchy Flowers 3 », before I drew dots with a gel pen.

And there is your super fun journal page with a watercolor-like background!

I hope you enjoyed following along with me, and don’t forget to share your creations with your own favorite stamps on our Facebook page RubberDance Stamping Lounge or on Instagram #rubberdancestamps! 🎨🌸

Here’s an Instagram reel to help you create a similar journal page:

Be Bold and Shine!


RubberDance stamps I used:

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