Winter in my Art Journal with Pencil Marks 3

Hello artistic friends,

The first month of the year is almost over… can you believe it? For my beautiful Galicia it is getting very cold and that has inspired me to make a winter page in my Artjournal. I love my artjornal and every month I try to make at least one seasonal page. This time I leave you a winter page using the beautiful Rubberdance stamps to help me create my composition.

These cold pages were a moment of disconnection in my artjournal, using acrylics and texture pastes for the background so fun it was.

I really like to play with acrylic paints to create fun and chaotic textures and backgrounds

I painted the pretty rainbows with acrylic markers and watercolor markers.

It’s a bit of a strange idea of ​​winter but I think I like to think that nothing is impossible when creating.

I hope it inspires you to create freely in your artjournals and that you are encouraged to make your own design and share it in the Facebook group Rubber Dance Stamping Lounge



Rubber Dance Stamps:


  1. I loved this . I love the way that YouTube use the color and the raimbows and the textures are so brave and happy . Awsome my dejar friend . Congratulacions.And I need this stamp You know😄😄😄