Collage Paper Idea – Tissue Pieces

Lindsey (@doodlings_cards) with you today, to show you some of my tissue paper stash!

When my mojo’s gone walkabout, and I’m procrastinating at my desk 😆 I do a spot of mindful crafting to add to my stash. Admittedly, I do like to create a project from start to finish, but sometimes I just lack the time, ideas or motivation!

At times like these I just do a spot of something that requires little thought – maybe stamping outline images, colouring them in, making random colour backgrounds (watercolour, smooshing, splattering, gelli printing) and sometimes stamping for collage pieces.

What I love about stamping on tissue paper, is that when you adhere the small pieces to your project, they are practically transparent.

Rubber Dance have lots of stamps that are fantastic for mark making and for decorating backgrounds 😊

BTW, just in case you’re wondering, I store my rubber stamps in empty DVD cases. It makes it easy to store them on a bookshelf and you can see the sets at a glance.

How many stamp sets can you identify?! Some of my favourites for backgrounds and mark-making are Mixed Media, Pencil Marks and Grungy Stuff. There are A LOT of different sets on sale and I’ve only got 3 sets (so far …. !). I turn to them repeatedly for spicing up the backgrounds on my projects.

Anyhow, for tissue paper elements, plain, cheap white tissue paper is all that you need and some black ink. Beware – the ink does take some time to dry and it smudges easily in the meantime! Of course, you’re not limited to black, but black goes with everything doesn’t it?!

I use a glue stick to adhere the rubber stamps to an acrylic block.

I do love my “Mix a Sentiment” set. I’ve kept the sheet of rubber whole as I often use it in tone-on-tone ink to add interest to a background.

So when I just want to use 1 or 2 words for a project, I have to print the whole rubber sheet. Up until recently, I’ve just stamped in black ink on white card, or used white embossed ink on black card. But I recently realised the benefits of the transparent nature of tissue paper.

What you add them to a project, you can hardly see the tissue paper – it just blends in with the background!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope I’ve given you a little inspiration to go off and get inky!

Lindsey xx

Rubber Dance stamp sets used:

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