Mixed Media ATCs with Pencil Marks

Hi, I’m Vero (@ Vero.kt) and I welcome you to today’s inspiration. How’s everybody ? I’ve been playing with  Mix It Up 2 , Mixed Media Marks 1, Loose Florals 1 and Pencil Marks 6 to create these lovely Artsit Trading Cards. I hope you like them.

Very easy to do, we started. We cut watercolor paper to a size of 2.5 x 3.5 inches, if you prefer to work in cm, 6.4×8.9. In my case, the paper is smooth and hot pressed, and I color the backgrounds with pigment.

When the backgrounds dry (we can speed up the process with a heat gun) we will add texture and depth with different inks, in my case I have used distress oxide.To start, I choose a stamp from the Mixed media marks , apply the inks, spray water, and stamp, (I’m not looking for definition, I’m looking for a watercolor effect, watery).Help myself with the dryer and go back to stamp with different inks, to continue adding depth and texture.When the layers are dry, I use a stencil and texture paste.

One of the parts that I enjoy the most is the composition, I have to admit that it is usually the part that takes me the most. Now I leave you some photos with details of the project.I hope you like it as much as I do when making them.

I hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to visit regularly. The team has amazing inspirations every day, just for you.


Here are the Rubber Dande Stamps I used:

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